Is Africa truly ready for the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement? Part 2

From the previous post, we listed some of the challenges that the Africa Union need to tackle before enacting the Africa Continent Free Trade Agreement. Although […]


Farmers Corner: Poultry Farming Business Setup in Africa

When you think about poultry, you should think about meat and eggs. Poultry farming has proven to be a very lucrative business. It involves raising various […]


All You Need to Know about MTFC Innov8Agric Challenge

Early last week, the leading consulting & digital firm in the Middle East & Nigeria; Crenov8, organizers of Agro Conference, Meet the Farmers Conference (MTFC) announced […]


A promising new continent-wide trade agreement for Africa

The new African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) is expected to be a game changer, boosting inter-African trade, spurring manufacturing, and creating economic opportunities. But for […]


US to Improve Farm Produce with Sh11.5bn

The United States has divulged a Sh11.5 billion programme to help Kenyan farmers by offering them innovations and technologies in dairy, livestock, root and drought-tolerant crops. […]

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