7 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Farm Equipment

Maintaining farm equipment is important since most of them are prone to expensive breakdowns and can be hardly cheap. If for any reason farm equipment is not maintained while in use, it will probably not perform as expected. There are several ways of maintaining farm equipment, but every farmer should adopt these 7 simple tips.

Operator Training  

There are different types of farm equipment used for farming activities, however, they all operate in different ways. If you, as a farmer, operator, or manager, knows how to effectively man the farm equipment, then the chances of missing out on maintenance are lowered.  

Lubricate Your Equipment  

There’s nothing as ineffective as a part of equipment undergoing friction as a result of rust. Be sure to always apply good quality lubricants to every movable part of your equipment. It will enhance good performance and longer life expectancy for your equipment. 

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Check for Signs of Wear  

It is possible for your farm equipment to be in perfect shape and excellent condition once you check for signs of wear. Did you discover a sign of wear and tear on any part of your equipment? Ensure to replace the part as soon as possible to prevent a major breakdown from happening.  

Keep Farm Equipment Clean  

Maintain a proper cleaning routine such as filter cleaning, build up removal, vacuuming and dusting inside farm equipment so your equipment will look great for a longer time to come.  

Have A Maintenance Schedule  

The best way to be sure that your farming tools and machinery are in good shape is by having a proper maintenance schedule. This way, you are rest ensured that you are not missing out on repairing farm equipment. It is also recommendable to take operator training lessons especially if you are working with sophisticated farming equipment.

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Keep Children and Animals Off Equipment Building  

Farms offer a world of adventure for curious kids. To avoid any disastrous accidents, keep your child’s play area separate from your work area. Know where your children are even when you are mowing the lawn. Don’t let a split-second accident impact your child forever.  

Observe Safety Precaution Measures  

The spread of infectious diseases like COVID- 19 demands that we adhere to safety precaution measures. Ensure to wash your hands with clean water and soap before and after the use of every farm equipment. In cases where water and soap are not readily available, use hand sanitizers. Avoid bringing your hands in close contact with your eyes and mouth.  

In conclusion, farm equipment is a crucial investment that you cannot afford to lose. It should serve you for years, and the best way to ensure that it stays in service for as long as possible is by taking proper care of it. These simple maintenance tips should get you started and keep your farming equipment safe and effective. 


Written by: Nene Nseabasi