It takes a Healthy Farmer to Produce Food – Staying Safe Amid Covid19

A farmer has to be healthy to produce food. A farmer equally has to stay safe to meet the demand for healthy food in the midst of the global Coronavirus outbreak.

Farmers have to ensure that the world continues to eat healthily and that food production is not interrupted by Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The spread of the corona virus has deterred operations of restaurants, hotels and airlines that patronizes farm produces in large quantities. It has greatly slowed down export demands and global economic activities.  

Although there are current challenges in the agricultural sector, the farmer’s health is most paramount. Farmers should observe basic bio security protocols and safety rules while working on farms.

The onus lies on food producers, processors and vendors to take the following precautions to stay safe amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

  • Handle all food samples wearing face masks and gloves. Livestock farmers should also avoid direct contact with animals.  
  • Wash your hands properly before and after visiting your farm.  
  • Remove and wash clothing immediately after visiting the market.  
  • Seek medical attention early when you feel sick, even with mild symptoms such as cough, headache, and fever.  
  • Hand wipes and sanitizers should be made available in marketplaces.  
  • Opt for bank transfers rather than cash handling in the marketplace.  
  • Stay away from crowded environments.  
  • Maintain social distancing of at least three feet when conducting business transactions with vendors and consumers.  
  • If you can, package all vegetables in transparent bags to stop customers from touching food  

Finally, everyone involved in the agricultural value chain has to follow strict food safety and health regulations. Always listen to the news and stay in touch with the Agro community for updates about the global agro economy. Protect yourself, your Agro products and others to help prevent the possible spread of Covid-19 and other viruses. 


Written By:

Joy Ejere Uche 

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