UAE’s Interest in Non-oil Trade Relations with African Countries

The interest of the United Arab Emirates to trade with Africa dates back to centuries ago. Considering that about 65% of Arabs have African origin, the Middle East has a special bond with the North African region. Africa is undoubtedly blessed with natural resources and potentials that are important to the economy of the UAE.

History has it that coffee originated from Ethiopia but was transported by some Yemenis who obtained the beans from Somali traders traveling to the Middle East. This happened as far back as the mid-15th century, serving as evidence of the trade relationship between both regions. 

In 2016, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce reported that non-oil trade between Africa and the UAE amounted to $24 billion. The UAE serves as a major re-exporting hub for African commodities.

The government provides ease of doing business by making the process seamless and digitized. Inter-regional trade is supported by a wide range of initiatives aimed at facilitating export-import relationships.

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Dubai in the UAE has become a preferred location for conferences focused on non-oil trade between Africa and the Middle East. 

One of such conferences is Meet the Farmers Conference, an annual agro conference that brings together agro stakeholders from Africa to connect and partner with off-takers in the UAE. Its mission is to provide African farmers with opportunities to access global markets, using Dubai as a trade hub.

Now in its third year, the conference is focusing on the theme, Creating a Sustainable Future. The conference will be held on the 27th & 28th of November 2019 at the Address Hotel Marina, Dubai UAE.

The Special Guest of Honor of Meet the Farmers Conference (MTFC 2019) is H.E Juma Mohamed Al Kait, the Assistant Undersecretary for Foreign Trade Affairs, Ministry of Economy. He will be speaking extensively on the UAE’s Interest in Trading with African Countries. Attend the conference to learn about the several initiatives that promote bilateral trade between Africa and the UAE.

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