South African Farmers to enjoy Free Satellite Farming Data

The world is embracing technology. It is now a huge part of everything we do and has been integrated into the most essential industrial sectors. The agricultural sector is not left out. Technologies have been integrated into agriculture to make farming easier for farmers.  

On the note of making farming seamless for farmers through technology, AgriSA and Aerobotics have partnered to provide South African farmers with free satellite farming data. The free satellite farming data and the latest Aeroview in field scouting application will be made available to farmers without charge. The partnership will be a means to quicken access to investigative information, that will assist farmers in early identification of pest, disease and improvement of yield.

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Aerobotics grants farmers access to stored weekly satellite data on their web-based ‘Aeroview’ and the In-Field App, to identify and stop the spread of pest and disease. This will in return boost the farmer’s yields. Aerobotics is a member of the Agri SA corporate chamber. They provide early pest and disease detection enabled by drone imagery and artificial intelligence. Aerobotics and AgriSA are however providing all South African farmers with the first part of the feedback loop for free.

James Paterson, Aerobotics’ CEO, is excited to be the part of a joint venture that serves to strengthen the increasing tech-enabled farming culture. He looks forward to seeing how farmers can actively experience the results of a more convenient, time-saving technology to manage harvest expectations.


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