Farmers Corner: Why You Should Visit the Farmers Market

A farmers market, also known as a green market is a place where local farmers sell their produce directly to the public at cheaper rates compared to a public market. The location typically consists of booths, tables or stands where farmers display their farm produce. You can purchase items like fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, yam, etc.

Why Visit?

  • Farmers make more profit from selling directly to consumers over selling to wholesalers. It saves the cost of storage, transportation to the marketplace, cost of renting a shop space, light bills, etc.
  • Farmers can retain the full premium by selling goods at market price directly to consumers.
  • The farmer becomes friendly with the consumer and eventually, will earn the continuous patronage of the consumer.

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  • The market is a linkage between rural and urban areas. People in town sometimes have to travel a lot of distance to purchase food stuff at the farmers’ market.  These markets have become strategic locations for neighboring villages to display their wares to potential buyers from far.
  • It fosters development of the roads linking to these communities housing the farmers market.
  • The business of the market on the market days attracts inquisitive passersby to visit these communities.
  • The farmers’ market strengthens civic engagement in agribusiness. People prepare local delicacies and sell at the marketplace.
  • Consumers can buy fresher and healthier food directly from the farmers.The consumer gets to shop in a serene environment away from the bustling noise of the regular public market.
  • Customer relationship is established between customer and farmer and food can be purchased at a discounted price.

The farmer’s market is typically managed by an association of farmers, community groups or the local government. Some farmers sell wholesale on specific days of the week. Many farmers market allow vendors prepare and sell local delicacies. It is an avenue for farmers and consumers to transact directly.

When next you’re shopping, please visit a farmers market.

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