Personality of the Week – Peter Awin

Peter Awin is the CEO of Cowtribe, a tech-enabled agritech startup that caters for the health of livestock in Ghana. Peter hails from the northern part of Ghana and was born into a family of livestock rearers.
He obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Development Studies from the University for Development Studies. His love for farm animals spurred him into developing a mobile technology that connects thousands of farmers in rural Ghana to animal health services. To achieve this, Peter spent 8 months on the field collecting the information of 30000 farmers by practically knocking on their doors to profile the farmers and categorize their information based on demography and needs.

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He founded Cowtribe in 2016, an on-demand animal vaccine delivery service provider which utilizes cloud-based computing and mobile technology to accurately forecast demand for vaccines from livestock farmers in Ghana.
His mobile technology national scale system provides healthcare and disease prevention for livestock farmers. With the Cowtribe mobile app, farmers receive disease alerts for timely prevention, information and educational health tips. To offer farmers quick and affordable access to vaccinations,

Peter deployed warehouses in rural communities so that veterinarians can deliver vaccines to rural areas with the use of motorcycles, at subsidized rates.
Peter is currently working across 3 districts in Ghana, signed up over 30000 farmers and have about 116 veterinarians that have delivered over 40000 vaccines through his platform. Every day, not less than 500 animals are vaccinated and veterinary doctors now have more patronage as a result of increased demands. Peter plans to expand to 7 more districts this year and aims to cover entire Ghana by 2020.