Kenyan Agric-Tech Start-up, AgriQ & Automations Wins Kenya Innov8Agric Challenge

Kenyan Agric-tech start-up, AgriQ & Automations has won the Kenyan edition of Innov8Agric Challenge, a competition sponsored by Meet the Farmers Conference, MTFC 2018.

Held at Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. AgriQ & Automations emerged the winner after an intense pitch with other Agri-tech start-ups such as Agrifor, Dophia, Agronomy Plus and Vinis.

AgriQ & Automations is an automated solar-powered evaporative cooler that offers a convenient, affordable and efficient way of extending the shelf-life of perishable farm produce in off-grid areas.

The start-up was picked based on its innovation, originality, and the viability of its ideas which was vetted by top-notch entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders across Africa.

AgriQ & Automations will now compete for $ 5,000 grant price at the international Meet the Farmers Conference which will hold In Dubai on the 4th – 5th November 2018. It is a two-day conference which includes an all-expense paid trip to Dubai for the Grand Finale of the challenge and an opportunity to get funding, investment opportunities from African and GCC investors, business expansion opportunities and access to experts and mentors in the business of Agriculture.

The Challenge is designed to promote ground-breaking ideas for early stage Agric entrepreneurs from all sectors of the agriculture ecosystem using creative and innovative methods to change the landscape of the agriculture value chain in Africa. 

Qualitrace, a Ghana-based traceability and anti-counterfeiting start-up that uses track and trace technology to authenticate product farm inputs and outputs won the Ghanaian edition earlier this year.

Meet the Farmers Conference (MTFC) is an initiative of Crenov8, a leading conglomerate consulting & Digital Media firm in the Middle East, Dubai, and Africa.