UNDP Launches Cultivate Agro Initiative for Innovative Agritech Startups

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched the Cultiv@te Agro Initiative for innovative agro startups. It is calling on interested startups from around the world to participate in its global conferences, workshops, and collaborations.

The winners will gain access to UNDP’s global network of experts, agro community membership, financial support, research, and development opportunities. Other benefits of participating include a collaborative process that ensures commercially viable and investable solutions and partnerships between participating agritech startups.

Cultiv@te Agro Initiative aims at bringing together global-leading agritech startups, experts, and market insights for sustainable agriculture. The participants will be judged based on impact, innovation, relevance, feasibility, and clarity.

Application closes on the 14th of February, and UNDP will announce successful applicants on the 24th of February. In the first stage, UNDP will select 78 teams and shortlist the final 52 teams afterward. Each shortlisted team will solve 1 of 13 challenge statements under three themes;

  • Urban agriculture: How do you leverage innovative technologies to rethink and create a sustainable food production system for the urban population?
  • Rainfed agriculture: How can you maximize agricultural productivity to meet the challenges posed by climate change?
  • Livestock farming and aquaculture: How do you ensure safe, sustainable livestock farming and lessen the environmental impact of current practices?

All 52 teams will have to solve 13 challenge statements targeted at 12 countries, which include Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, and Sudan. The teams will also attend the Global Launch to hold in Singapore in July. Register for the Cultiv@te Initiative here.