The Future of Technology in Agriculture

The future of technology in agriculture is enormous. The world is gradually moving from localized farming to mechanized farming methods through technology. 

Technology will bring about innovation, the introduction of modern farm practices and a total revamp to the agro sector. 

The introduction of AI Agriculture Bots enables easy harvest of crops at faster rates for maximum production volumes. This bot will perform typical functions of harvesters and relieve the stress involved by 99%. 

Also, cameras and satellites are on spot in future farmlands. These gadgets monitor the growth of farm produce and allow farmers to know what is happening on farmlands. This will reduce theft and monitor the growth and survival of crops.

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Another modern technology that will impact the future of agriculture is the use of machine learning and IoT. More drones and robots will also become rampantly used in farmlands around the world. 

Imagine farmlands totally managed by robots. A farm where robots plough, till the ground, monitor and harvest the crop is what the future of agriculture looks like. 

In developed countries, irrigation and typical crop supervision are carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles are built on machine learning and AI.

And finally, IoT just made the Agro future fantastic. Imagine controlling all this technology, predicting data and running daily farm activities with just a simple remote control – Fantastic right! Yes, the future will be. 

Thus, as we advance into the 4th industrial revolution, the agro sector will not be left behind. Rather, it will evolve into a sector fully enhanced with technology.

The future of Technology in Agriculture will also be a major lecture delivered by Hannu Kulju at the 2019 MTFC conference that holds in six days. 

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