Farmcrowdy unifies all Business Subsidiaries

Farmcrowdy Group, the first digital agricultural platform in Nigeria has announced a unification of all its business subsidiaries. The unification of Farmgate Africa and Agricsquare was announced on the 23rd of July, 2019 during a press briefing attended by several members of the media.


Farmcrowdy is an agritech company that connects small scale farmers across Nigeria to finance crowdfunded from individuals and corporate bodies who get bonuses from investments after a while. They also educate farmers on sustainable and highly efficient modern farm practices. Farmcrowdy operates across 14 Nigerian states and has over 25000 farmers signed under their platform.

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The combined company will now be referred to as Farmcrowdy. All sponsorship options available on their subsidiary business arm, Farmgate Africa will be integrated into the combined Farmcrowdy platform. Hence, sponsorship options like Beef processing, Ginger farms, Cattle farms, Poultry farms, etc. previously only available on the Farmgate Africa portal will now be on the combined platform. On the other hand, Agricsquare will continue as a product of Farmcrowdy – where agriculture enthusiasts can access agro-related articles.

“The strategy had always been in the plan to attract more talent, expand Farmcrowdy’s reach in the agriculture value chain, and provide more options for sponsors on the platform” explained Onyeka Akumah, CEO and Founder of Farmcrowdy.

Henceforth, Kenneth Obiajulu, the Managing Director of Farmgate Africa, will be in charge of the trading activities of the new company while the COO of Farmcrowdy, Temitope Omotolani will oversee the production aspect of the company. Other aspects of the business will run as normal.

Farmcrowdy’s decision to unify operations would help them gain more traction in the agriculture value chain. They look forward to new partnership opportunities to increase current output, targets expansion into 4 new Nigerian states and extend their frontiers across Africa.