Leonie Hartmann is the CEO of AvaGro Farms, a Namibia-based agricultural solutions provider that utilizes applied agricultural sciences and precision farming to grow flowers and vegetables on a large scale. AvaGro Farms offers agricultural turnkey solutions, greenhouse construction, extensive training and creates market access for agro exporters in Namibia.

She also leads the Shalom Farm project, a collection of greenhouses for AvaGro Group of Farms. The farm applies hydroponics farming that is appropriate for the arid climate to cultivate tonnes of tomatoes, daisies, roses, eggplant, herbs, spinach, beetroot, cucumber and pepper annually.

Leonie will be participating in the third edition of Meet the Farmers Conference as part of her effort to contribute to building relationships among Namibian farmers and global off-takers as an export strategy for Namibian agro commodities.