After a 30+ year career in Aviation Management, I decided to take my passions for Business Technology and supporting African Entrepreneurs to establish TK Consultancy (TKC).

At TKC we specialize in working with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) including Entrepreneurs and Small Start-ups to develop custom-made business “development” strategies that fit within their strategic vision.

As an entrepreneur of entrepreneurs, Khaleel focuses on helping SMEs get ahead by providing Marketing, Branding, Business IT and Market Acceleration services and his company, TK Consultancy have become experts in leveraging technology and establishing large business. On the strength of his expertise and leadership, TKC has become a proven reliable partner providing access to one the fastest growing emerging markets in the world where you can take advantage of unrealized and untapped opportunities. At TKC, we believe business is borderless and are dedicated to building bridges between Africa and the World.